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 Tashara Parker 

Community-Focused Storyteller | Advocate | Journalist | Host

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Community-Focused Storyteller | Advocate | Journalist | Host

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Tashara Parker is an anchor and reporter at WFAA News 8 in Dallas, Texas covering traffic, breaking news and inspirational stories. Featured as one of WFAA's preeminent voices, the Daybreak anchor brings experience, vibrancy and authenticity -- capturing the attention of DFW viewers in an engaging and informative way, all the while creating loyalty. 


Coined as a "community-focused storyteller", Tashara is the go-to source for all things "community", as she blends her passion for underserved people and organizations with an unwavering spirit of empathy. As one of Dallas' influential voices, Tashara utilizes her platform to volunteer hundreds of hours to many organizations, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. 


With a dedicated following both on and off the air, the journalist is described by viewers as "someone who truly cares about people and this community." And with this mantra lighting her path, Tashara continues to carve her slate within the industry -- bringing both DFW and the best in community storytelling to the forefront.    

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